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Date Webinar Title Format
05/22/2024 Marijuana In The Workplace - 2024 State & Federal Laws, Mandated Coverage, Testing Challenges & More Live Webinar Register Now
05/23/2024 New DOL Overtime Rule & Minimum Wage Compliance Update for Employers Live Webinar Register Now
05/30/2024 State/Federal Final Paycheck Mandates For Terminated Employees To Mitigate Legal Risks Live Webinar Credits Approved Register Now
06/06/2024 Updated OSHA Regulatory Changes For Injury, Record Management & Documentation Requirements On Demand Credits Approved Register Now
06/13/2024 IRS Reporting Mandates For Employee Expense Reimbursements By Employers Live Webinar Credits Approved Register Now
06/25/2024 Documenting Employee Behavior, Performance and Discipline To Mitigate Legal Landmines In 2024 Live Webinar Credits Approved Register Now
06/26/2024 Hiring Hazards To Avoid In 2024 - Legal Pitfalls to Watch Out For Employers & HR Live Webinar Credits Approved Register Now
07/18/2024 Employee Retention & Stay Interviews - HR Toolkit & Policy Requirements To Boost Retention In 2024 Live Webinar Register Now
07/31/2024 Supervising Employee Terminations In 2024 To Mitigate Post-termination Risks & Financial Liability Live Webinar Register Now
08/01/2024 EEOC Regulations On Employee Background Checks In 2024 - Legal Limitations, Privacy Restrictions, FFCRA & Much More On Demand Register Now
08/08/2024 Mental Health at Work In 2024 - How to Remain Caring, Productive and Compliant Live Webinar Credits Approved Register Now
08/15/2024 Employee Onboarding & Orientation To Boost Productivity, Teamwork and Retention On Demand Register Now
Date Webinar Title Format
05/16/2024 2024 I-9 Updates For Employers - New Verification Rules, E-Verify Timelines, Anti-Discrimination Rules & More Pre Recorded Register Now
05/02/2024 2024 IRS Employee Travel Pay Regulations For Employers To Stay Compliant Pre Recorded Register Now
04/25/2024 ChatGPT In The Workplace - Benefits, Legal Issues, Risk Management & Policy Requirements In 2024 Pre Recorded Register Now
04/18/2024 2024 W-2s vs 1099's - IRS Updates For Employers To Classify Independent Contractor vs Employees Pre Recorded Register Now
04/18/2024 State & Federal Payroll Deduction Updates For Employers - What Can/Cannot be Deducted from an Employee’s Wage In 2024 Pre Recorded Register Now
04/10/2024 Navigating Employee Salary Negotiations – Tools For Employers & HR To Manage Conflict & Boost Retention Pre Recorded Register Now
03/27/2024 Managing & Supervising Difficult Feedback & Tough Conversations With Challenging Employees Pre Recorded Register Now
03/26/2024 Employer & HR Social Media Firing - Reporting Mandates & Terminating Employment For Online Conduct Pre Recorded Register Now
03/14/2024 2024 Employee Performance Appraisal Requirements For A Lawsuit Proof Evaluation System Pre Recorded Register Now
03/07/2024 Supervising Disengaged Employees In 2024 To Boost Productivity & Keep Your Workforce On Track Pre Recorded Register Now
02/29/2024 2024 New OSHA 300 Log Electronic Recordkeeping, Reporting Requirements, Deadlines & Exemptions Pre Recorded Register Now
02/28/2024 EEOC Enforcement On Employer Discrimination- Documentation, Timelines & Reporting Requirements To Avoid Damages Pre Recorded Register Now
02/27/2024 Meeting New OHS Employer Compliance, Documentation & Regulatory Updates To Mitigate Legal Liabilities Pre Recorded Register Now
02/15/2024 The Three Pillars of Hiring Success In 2024 - Behavioral Based Interviews, Realistic Job Previews & Onboarding Strategies Pre Recorded Register Now
02/01/2024 2024 Federal & State Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance Requirements For Employers Pre Recorded Register Now
12/14/2023 2024 Employer and HR Requirements For EHS Documentation By OSHA & EEOC Pre Recorded Register Now
11/30/2023 Employer Requirements For Legally Effective Contractor Selection, Classification & NLRB Joint Employer Rule Pre Recorded Register Now
11/08/2023 2024 New Updates For Form W4, W2, 941 & Year End Taxation & Reporting Regulations For Employers Pre Recorded Register Now
10/05/2023 Employer OSHA Citations & Regulatory Changes : Revised Recordkeeping, Whistleblower Investigations, Inspections & More Pre Recorded Register Now
09/13/2023 New Employer Mandates Under Pregnant Workers Fairness Act / PUMP To Mitigate Legal Risks Pre Recorded Register Now
04/26/2023 2023 OSHA Whistleblower & Anti-retaliation Mandates For Employers To Mitigate Legal Risks Pre Recorded Register Now
03/30/2023 Behavioral Interviewing In 2023 To Successfully Get The Right Talent Onboard Pre Recorded Register Now
12/21/2022 Employer Mandates For State Taxes, Wage/Hour Laws, and Garnishments For Multistate Employees Pre Recorded Register Now
12/15/2022 Supervising Employee Performance By Implementing Performance Improvement Plans & Corrective Actions In 2023 Pre Recorded Register Now
08/17/2022 Employer & HR Challenges For Managing, Integrating & Motivating Multi-Generational Workforce In 2022 Pre Recorded Register Now
06/27/2022 Successfully Hiring The Right Candidate with Behavioral Interviewing Strategies Pre Recorded Register Now
06/07/2022 Conducting Stay & Exit Interviews To Boost Employee Retention & Engagement Pre Recorded Register Now
04/20/2022 Mastering Microsoft Office Tools & Tricks For HR/Payroll Executives & Managers Pre Recorded Register Now
02/17/2022 Recent OSHA & EEOC Employee Vaccine Requirements, Exemptions & Managing Those Who Refuse Pre Recorded Register Now
02/15/2022 Supervising Independent Contractors, Interns & Leased Employees Compliance Mandates In 2022 Pre Recorded Register Now

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