Supervising Independent Contractors, Interns & Leased Employees Compliance Mandates In 2022

Webinar Agenda :

Both Federal & State government agencies are auditing employers to ensure compliance and mandatory documentation for non-direct employees. The key to stay away from lengthy litigation, non-compliance and fines is for HR to comprehend and understand various 2022 compliance requirements and risks associated with Independent Contractors, Interns and Leased Employees. Employers need to ensure that their HR staff has the right guidance and tools to mitigate both financial and legal risks, and stay profitable & productive at the same time.

Your timely attention to these recent changes & updates will ensure your workplace compliance setup stays in great shape against both legal & financial liabilities.

The following agenda will be discussed in detail during this webinar :

1. 2022 compliance, payroll & documentation mandates for contractual employees & interns
2. Legals risks associated with contractual employees & interns in 2022
3. Defining Interns vs. Leased Employees vs Independent Contractor
4. Risks associated with Misclassification and Joint Employer Liabilities
5. 2022 Legal mandates with reference to non-direct employees :

  1. a)  Workers' Compensation
    b)  Negligence and Tort Law
    c)  Labor Relations/NLRA
    d)  Wage and Hour Concerns
    e)  Federal Tax Issues

6. Review of :

  1. a) The Common-Law Test
    b)  The IRS 20-Factor Test
    c)   The Notorious ABC Test

7. Managing and Strengthening Independent Contractor Status, Interns and Leased Employees

8. Case studies and Examples
And much more...

About The Trainer : Joe Aitchison is HRComTraK Managing Principal and Senior Client Advisor. He provides Business & HR client advisory services and HR out-source services nationally. He is a Human Resource professional with thirty years business management and HR consulting experience. In addition to working with General Industry clients, he provides services to multi plant International Tier I Automotive Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Retail and Food Processing Industries as well as legal, health care, benefit brokers and third party administrators. Mr. Aitchison is recognized as a leader in human resources and has obtained a lifetime certification as a senior professional in human resource management, SHRM – Senior Certified Professional and Healthcare Reform Specialist by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute. Mr. Aitchison has served on several for profit and not for profit boards.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022
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Joe Aitchinson
90 minutes
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