2024 Employee Performance Appraisal Requirements For A Lawsuit Proof Evaluation System

Webinar Background & Agenda :

In a recent publication, EEOC shows a greater than 50% increase in lawsuits filed in 2023 by employees over performance appraisals, compensation issues, discrimination challenges etc. 2024 is shaping up to be no different. It has become very common for employees to compare their appraisals with their colleagues, which often results in them getting frustrated and disgruntled. Either they start showing this in the workplace which has a negative impact on your work environment or some may choose to adopt the legal path to get what they think they rightfully deserve. Either way, it is a tough spot for an employer to be in. Employee performance appraisal is demanding & challenging in a lot of aspects and is often used in court by employees against their employer. It is important to take a close look at the fatal flaws in your existing appraisal system. Fear of litigation is a powerful motivator. An effective performance evaluation measures an employee's progress and demonstrates the employer's interest in the employee's personal development. It also highlight training needs and provide the employee with a focused opportunity to discuss workplace interests, problems, and goals. However, in most of the cases, performance evaluations almost always do more harm than good. As an employer, you are always at risk of your appraisal forms being used against you in court. This webinar is designed to clearly describe the basic building blocks you will need to have a performance management systems that complies with HR and legal needs while yielding far more effective results in the area of employee behavior modification, motivation and career development.  

Here is what will be covered during this session : 

  • Performance Management Compliance – Background & Detailed insights
  • Guidelines on how to evaluate the effectiveness of any evaluation system.
  • Compelling reasons why your performance appraisals maybe flawed.
  • Comprehend the danger of performance labels, grades, scores, ratings and rankings.
  • The critical difference between discriminant intent and discriminant impact.
  • Effective ways to minimize legal risk and improve productivity.
  • Performance appraisal models that cover self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills
  • Heighten awareness of how current trends in organization planning are important in the performance appraisal process
  • Preparing and structuring the appraisal discussion
  • Investigating alternatives in conflict management
  • Delivering performance appraisals that are in line with the needs of the organization
  • Identifying the pros and cons of performance appraisals
  • Developing the shared vision (manager and employee)
  • Developing employees vs. documenting the file.
  • Creating an employee development plan
  • Elevating HR professionals from “policy police” to “coaching consultants”.
  • Identifying elements of problem solving and performance feedback
  • Reviewing the principals of putting knowledge into practice
  • Case studies & Examples

About The Trainer : Joe Aitchison is HRComTraK Managing Principal and Senior Client Advisor. He provides Business & HR client advisory services and HR out-source services nationally.  He is a Human Resource professional with thirty years business management and HR consulting experience.  In addition to working with General Industry clients, he provides services to  multi plant International Tier I Automotive Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Retail and Food Processing Industries as well as legal, health care, benefit brokers and third party administrators. Mr. Aitchison is recognized as a leader in human resources and has obtained a lifetime certification as a senior professional in human resource management, SHRM – Senior Certified Professional and Healthcare Reform Specialist by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute. Mr. Aitchison has served on several for profit and not for profit boards.

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Pre Recorded Webinar
Thursday, March 14, 2024
11 : 00 AM | EST
Joe Aitchison
90 minutes
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