Marijuana In The Workplace - 2024 State & Federal Laws, Mandated Coverage, Testing Challenges & More

Webinar Background, Agenda & Trainer Profile :


New regulations have been introduced on both State and Federal level on marijuana legalization and compliance requirements for employers. Employers are having a difficult time to decide whether and to what extent they will be guided by federal law which still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug. It’s not easy to stay compliant with labor and employment laws, especially when certain of those local laws conflict with federal law. This webinar will provide employers with information on changing state marijuana laws and the impact on work-at-home employees and those returning to workplace following leaves and furloughs. How have things changed since the advent of COVID-19 ?  What are employers doing as it pertains to employee marijuana use ? What if an employee refuses to take a drug test… or admits to using “medical marijuana” and claims HIPPA privacy on failing a drug test ? Has recreational marijuana use increased during COVID-19 and what is the clinical outcome of increased use on the employer’s workforce and employee productivity ?


The following agenda will be discussed in detail during this webinar :


  • 2024 State & Federal Marijuana Laws to comply with.
  • Marijuana and the ADA — Do disability laws cover medical marijuana use?
  • Employer Drug Testing – under what circumstances
  • Recreational Marijuana – Employer Risk and Legal challenges
  • Must know employment actions in response to a positive drug result
  • Do you need background checks for drug convictions that are no longer illegal ?
  • Increase in Cannabis use by individuals under quarantine or stay-at home-orders – Clinical review impact
  • Employer Best Practices
  • FAQs & Examples 

About The Trainer : Joe Aitchison is HRComTraK Managing Principal and Senior Client Advisor. He provides Business & HR client advisory services and HR out-source services nationally.  He is a Human Resource professional with thirty years business management and HR consulting experience.  In addition to working with General Industry clients, he provides services to  multi plant International Tier I Automotive Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Retail and Food Processing Industries as well as legal, health care, benefit brokers and third party administrators. Mr. Aitchison is recognized as a leader in human resources and has obtained a lifetime certification as a senior professional in human resource management, SHRM – Senior Certified Professional and Healthcare Reform Specialist by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute. Mr. Aitchison has served on several for profit and not for profit boards.

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Live Webinar
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
11 : 00 AM | EST
Joe Aitchinson
90 minutes
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