Recent OSHA & EEOC Employee Vaccine Requirements, Exemptions & Managing Those Who Refuse

Webinar Background & Agenda :

Despite the recent rulings, private-sector employers are still mandating employees to get vaccinated against COVID, and these employers are well within their legal rights. Even though the OSHA ETS has been withdrawn, OSHA is now moving forward to implement a permanent COVID-19 safety standard for employers. There has also been various rulings where the court has found that the Employer is entitled to terminate Employees for failure to comply with the vaccine mandate. A lot of legal updates and guidelines for employers have also been issued pertaining to the same. EEOC has recently made key and important amendments to their COVID-19 guidance, detailing its view of employer obligations under Title VII when evaluating religious objections to COVID-19 vaccination mandates. The EEOC also added guidance on requests for accommodation based on pregnancy under the ADA. There has also been a lot of development to the existing policies & procedures. This presentation will provide latest information on employer vaccination policies to maintain compliance with OSHA and EEOC requirements, including the ADA. 

The following topics will be discussed in detail during this session: 

  • Recent legal guidelines for Employer Requirements on vaccine mandates & exemptions
  • Employer guidance when an employee refuses to vaccinate themselves against COVID
  • New guidelines by EEOC when making decisions about the credibility of the requests for religious exemptions
  • EEOC form created for religious exemption as an effective tool
  • Employee Request for Pregnancy Exception Under Title VII – what options does the employer have and risk for Title VII Disparate Treatment if not handled correctly
  • Employee request for exception due to a previously unknown medical condition- What steps should the employer take.
  • Now that the OSHA Rule is suspended, for now, learn what Employers need to do while they wait for the legal update
  • Latest OSHA’s position on mandating vaccines for employees
  • What impact do Employers have if they exceed the EEOC guidelines on religious exemption and pregnancy
  • Introducing strategically sound policies and regulations around mandating vaccination by employees
  • Employers now more than ever need to understand the Reasonable Accommodation process and how to use it effectively for vaccine exemptions
  • Learn why pregnancy concerns by pregnant women, lactating and women interested in getting pregnant are real and significant
  • Learn why litigation may still be  a risk no matter what the EEOC new guidance says
  • What is the most effective course of action when you decide to terminate employees who refuse the vaccine?
  • Workers Compensation challenges Are employers required to pay for mandating vaccines ?

About The Trainer : Joe Aitchison, is Managing Principal and Senior Client Advisor at HRComTraK a HR Service Company providing employer guidance in the area of human resources, compliance  and benefit administration. , Mr. Aitchison is responsible for regulatory compliance and is HRComTrak’s resident expert on employment practice and benefits.  He provides guidance on HR best practice to clients nationally.   He is a known, frequent national speaker at conferences, presenting on "Employer Best Practice", Health Care Reform, employee benefits, FMLA and employment related federal regulations. Mr. Aitchison has obtained a life time certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.  He has thirty years of human resource and business management experience working with international automotive manufacturing, commercial manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, transportation, retail, gaming & hospitality, food processing, healthcare, financial services, engineering & scientific professional services, public sector and not for profit organizations. Positions held include: CEO/President, senior executive, operations management and company director. Mr. Aitchison has served on several for profit and not for profit boards.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022
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Joe Aitchinson
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