Employer Challenges & Strategies For Managing & Motivating Multi-Generational Workforce

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One of the biggest challenges for employers is to manage an employee age profile which could range from 18 to 60. It is not uncommon for young leaders and managers to take on new assignments that involve managing teams of experienced employees that have been on the job, or in the field, longer than others have. These managers may be intimidated by the years of experience these employees bring to the job, or they may feel their employees are too set in their ways and are not open to change. This has huge implications for employers in terms of managing the needs and expectations. Picture the scene. You have fresh-faced graduate working alongside a 60-year-old work colleague on the same project. These two employees work for the same employer but have very different expectations and views of the workplace.
This session is designed to equip employers and managers the tools to work more effectively with seasoned employees in a way that fosters mutual respect and helps each generation learn to leverage one another’s strengths.

Contents Include :

1)   Distinguish Between the Various Generations in the Workplace
2)   Understand the Key Differences In Values and Expectations That Exist Between Generations
3)   Some of Each Generation’s Workstyle, Values, and Motivators
4)   Key Areas of Generational Parenting Differences
5)   Prevent and Deal with Inter-Generational Conflict
6)   What Is an Organization’s Work Culture?
7)   Embrace the Principle of Generational Tolerance
8)   Develop a Successful Multi-Generational Strategy That Fosters a Creative and Dynamic Workplace
9)   Help Long-Term Employees Deal with Change
10) Utilize Inter-Generational Differences to Build Stronger Work Teams
11) Establish Best Practices for Motivating, Managing, Developing, and Rewarding a Multi-Generational Workforce
And much more...

About the Author :

Joe Aitchison, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CHRS  provides Business & HR client advisory services and HR out-source services nationally. He is a Human Resource practician and compliance professional with over thirty years business management and HR consulting experience. He has worked with multi plant International Tier I Automotive Manufacturing, retail, food processing, health care, hospitality & gaming, legal administration, and other professional service organizations. Mr. Aitchison is recognized as a leader in human resources, obtained a lifetime certification as a senior professional in human resource management, SHRM – Senior Certified Professional and Healthcare Reform Specialist by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute and is a presents nationally on HR and Compliance topics. His career includes serving on several for profit and not for profit boards and he is currently Managing Principal of HR Compliance Training and Knowledge Center (HRComTraK).

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