HR/Employer E-Books On Employee Management, Preventing Workplace Harassment & FMLA Compliance Requirements

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With numerous employee management challenges for HR and Employers since re-opening of  workplaces, it is important to review industry wide practices to ensure your workplace management & compliance requirements meet the necessary standards. Keeping this in mind, we have launched this set of 4 HR E-books Collection which are comprehensive & focused on offering specialized and top-rated HR guidance to meet your distinctive business needs. These books are created to help identify compliance gaps & detect problems early to equip your HR team against emerging risks with legal & financial liabilities and ensure your HR setup stays in great shape.

Book 1- Employer/HR Requirements to Ensure Zero Tolerance of Sexual Harassment

Contents Include :

1)    Sexual Harassment as a Workplace Issue
2)    Sexual Harassment Statistics
3)    Sexual Harassment Case Review
4)    Defining Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
5)    Navigating Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment
6)    Workplace Sexual Harassment Examples
7)    Same Sex Sexual Harassment
8)    Employer Defense to Harassment Claims
9)    Abusive Workplace Conduct - Policy Statements
10) Policies and Procedures: Basic Steps in an Investigation
11) Sexual Harassment Investigation Interviews
And much more...

Book 2 - Employer Challenges & Strategies For Managing & Motivating Multi-Generational Workforce

Contents Include :

1)   Distinguish Between the Various Generations in the Workplace
2)   Understand the Key Differences In Values and Expectations That Exist Between Generations
3)   Some of Each Generation’s Workstyle, Values, and Motivators
4)   Key Areas of Generational Parenting Differences
5)   Prevent and Deal with Inter-Generational Conflict
6)   What Is an Organization’s Work Culture?
7)   Embrace the Principle of Generational Tolerance
8)   Develop a Successful Multi-Generational Strategy That Fosters a Creative and Dynamic Workplace
9)   Help Long-Term Employees Deal with Change
10) Utilize Inter-Generational Differences to Build Stronger Work Teams
11) Establish Best Practices for Motivating, Managing, Developing, and Rewarding a Multi-Generational Workforce
And much more...

Book 3 - Supervising & Managing Difficult Employees To Prevent Unproductive Work Behaviors

Contents Include :

1)  Identifying Challenging Employees
2)  The Psychology of Challenging Employees
3)  Critical mistakes made by managers/supervisors while giving feedback.
4)  Must have skills to give feedback to gain employee cooperation instead of defensiveness.
5)  Characteristics of Problem Employees
6)  Comprehending different Workplace Behaviors
7)  Workplace Conflict Resolution Roadmap
8)  Dealing with Difficult Employees
9)  Understanding different Manager Roles and Responsibilities
10) Managing and staying in control during the conversation
11) Know when to soften the blow and when to lower the boom
And much more...

Book 4 - FMLA Compliance Book On Recent Updates, Unusual Cases Review & Record Retention

Contents Include :

1)  Employer Toolkit- FMLA Quick Action Guide 
2)  Insights on recent regulatory updates
3)  Legal – What’s the Risk for Employers/HR
4)  FMLA Top Employer Mistakes
5)  How do you know if you are administering FMLA properly
6)  FMLA Record Retention requirements
7)  DOL Wage and Hour Division (WHD) FACT Sheets & FMLA Forms
8)  State Family And Medical Leave Laws
9)  Serious Health Condition – Pregnancy, Birth, Bonding and Adoptions
10) Caregiver Relationships 
11) FMLA Common Issues & Special FMLA Circumstances
12) Examples Of Federal Family and Medical Leave Standard Policy 
And much more

We are proud to deliver highest quality content & information, which is comprehensive and serves the training requirements of all HR professionals in an intuitive way.

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