Documenting Employee Behavior & Performance To Mitigate Legal Landmines

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen !!"

Failure to accurately document an employee's record is a disaster waiting to happen. The last few months have seen numerous instances where employers were forced to shell out millions of dollars in employee lawsuits because they failed to produce the required documentation before the law when needed. 
Accurate employee documentation will save your business a lot of money and mitigate legal risks when the time comes. Employers have now become very cautious of ensuring their documentation practices are up to date and do not lack the key elements of an accurate employee record. This session is designed to distinguish between poor performance from poor attitude, counsel employees, and many more important areas which need to be documented for each employee. We will also shed some light on how to keep a legal performance record to document both good and substandard performance. Employers need accurate documentation to improve employee performance and defend themselves against adverse legal action when possible. Effective and timely documentation provides evidence of actions, and ensures consistency in applications of policy. With regulatory auditing bodies cracking down on reimbursement violations, policy documentation, employee record errors and more mistakes in documentation, it is not the time to let your guard down.

Webinar Agenda :

  • Employee Documentation requirements to protect your organization from legal issues
  • Effectively Communicating employment objectives and policy violations
  • Analyzing & Documenting work performance and documenting feedback
  • Subjective Documentation vs Objective Documentation In 2024
  • Examples of Accurate Documentation
  • Consequences of lack of documentation
  • Practices to implement to ensure your documentation is consistent
  • Guidelines on developing a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Guidelines on maintaining formal HR disciplinary paperwork.
  • FAQs & Case studies
About The Trainer : Joe Aitchison is HRComTraK Managing Principal and Senior Client Advisor. He provides Business & HR client advisory services and HR out-source services nationally. He is a Human Resource professional with thirty years business management and HR consulting experience. In addition to working with General Industry clients, he provides services to multi plant International Tier I Automotive Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Retail and Food Processing Industries as well as legal, health care, benefit brokers and third party administrators. Mr. Aitchison is recognized as a leader in human resources and has obtained a lifetime certification as a senior professional in human resource management, SHRM – Senior Certified Professional and Healthcare Reform Specialist by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute. Mr. Aitchison has served on several for profit and not for profit boards.

Webinar Information
Live Webinar
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
11 : 00 AM | EST
Joe Aitchison
90 minutes
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