2024 HR Management Toolkit

2024 has arrived and Human Resource Management is getting more complicated every year. The hiring process alone involves several stages from raising a requisition for a profile to developing a job description calculated to entice the best candidates, and screening all applications ― it is only the first stage. Multiple rounds of interviews, maybe group discussions (depending on the profile), negotiations on compensation and long-term benefits lead to sending the successful candidate/s an offer letter. HR work does not end there. Contracts need to be drawn up. Various compliance issues need to be kept in mind. The onboarding process too involves several steps. Then there are employee policies, performance management tracking, engagement plans, statutory documents and many similar compliance issues to manage.

Here is our 2024 HRM Toolkit with 1500+ Ready-to-use HR Documents to make your work that much easier by providing you with the formats and the blueprint of the documentation necessary, whether you are hiring, onboarding, rightsizing (terminating for diverse issues), terminating, or simply smoothening the path for an employee desirous of leaving ― it is vital to keep your documentation airtight. Our HR Toolkit brings you a comprehensive set of documents to guide you at every step of the way. Diverse organizations have dissimilar requirements for their HR activities. This toolkit takes into account this factor, and thus, different concerns are addressed.

2024 HRMI Toolkit includes the following :
  • Hiring Module
  • On Boarding Kit
  • Employee Policies Kit
  • Engagement Plan
  • Exit Process
  • Performance Management Kit
  • HR Records and Formats
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment Module
  • Training Module
  • Covid-19 HR Docs
  • HR Statutory Docs
  • HR letters
  • Rewards and Recognition Docs
  • Employee compensation docs

Additional Benefits Included :

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